A Place Between Time And Space


A true story about Ghosts, UFOs, and Florida’s Strangest Home.

Stories are seemingly separate but connected with threads to a place unlike any other. Set on an Island with thousands of years of history. To some it’s a ghost story; surrounding early European explorers, serial killers born slaves, and a supremely strange haunted castle slowly swallowed by time. To others a story of UFOs; a Naval station harassed by strange crafts, a metal sphere that moved on its own one spring in the 70s which captivated Florida and the nation, as well as famous videos released only a few years ago that has changed the world’s view entirely. A journey through time and high strangeness that ends somewhere between time and space.

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Reviews from Chaz’s Previous Works:

“While his methods might be somewhat controversial, his presentation of the evidence is impressive… [his book] reads like Jack Kerouac meets Anthony Bourdain meets Timothy Leary.”  — Haunting Season

“if you like the works of John Keel you’ll love this… Finally an investigator who actually goes to the locations and speaks to the witnesses and runs their own experiments.” — Amazon Reader

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